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The Right Tools are the KEY!

You can't meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow!

Selling Paradise Realty has invested in the tools you need today!

Free to our Agents
Monthly Newsletter - Customized for your clients!
Every month a comprehensive newsletter with articles pertinent to real estate including graphs of sales and prices in the local market is available for you to customize and send to your clients. Repeat and referral business is created by constant communication we provide you with the tools to keep your clients informed with valuable information. Click here for a sample newsletter.
VIP Buyers Presentation and CMA Listing Presentation


VIP Buyers Presentation

Provided to each of our agents this presentation, gives them the tool they need
to turn every client into a client for life. Customized to each agent this presentation tells your prospective buyer exactly how you will provide them with outstanding service through a step by step easy to follow guide. Win their loyalty as you direct them through the buying process.

Available in either an electronic presentation or hardcopy.



CMA Listing Presentation

Each of the agents are given this presentation which gives them everything they need to secure the listing. Sellers can rest assured that our agents have the sell of their home taken care of from beginning to end with every detail from marketing and showing the property, to negotiating the contract and closing the sale.

Available in both an electronic presentation or hardcopy.


Custom Brochures

With pictures provided by the Agent our administrative staff will create custom brochures for your listings. Put them in flyer boxes or locate them in the property to give prospective buyers something in their hands to remind them of your property.

Also available are customised Open House brochures.

Expired Listings
Selling Paradise Realty makes it easy to build your inventory through expired listings. Each day you are emailed a list containing the name, phone number, and address of the prior days expired listings. From this list you can set up a mailing campaign, call them, or knock their door to obtain their listing.
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