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Selling Paradise University - 30 Days to 30 Closings

The most intensive and complete training on how to succeed in today's market anywhere in Lee county.
Whether you want to do 30 transactions the first year or sell 30 more than what you are doing now, this comprehensive course focuses on more than just selling and listing skills, but also on a business mindset. Taught by Bobby Mahan this 30 hour class with 15 hours of video training from top US trainer Mike Ferry will more than put you on the road to success.

Paradise University consists of 21 classes approximately one and a half hours each covering all aspects of Real Estate Sales such as:

Lead Generation

Lead Follow-up

Business Strategies

Sales Skills


Knowledge = Confidence
Paradise University will give you all the
knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.
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Agents who complete the course receive a Selling Paradise University Diploma

Advanced Skill Building

Once you graduate from Paradise University your training doesn't end there. Twice a month advanced skill building classes are held to bring our agents up to date information and tools to help you survive in any market. You'll learn new marketing techniques, advanced software programs, internet marketing, and social networking. You'll find yourself surrounded by a group of highly trained professionals who work together to support and share information not only in advanced classes but the following activities:

Mastermind Groups - Monthly meeting (Some smaller groups meet more frequently)

Powerful Weekly Sales Meetings

Bi-weekly meetings to improve your mind, body, and spirit through the Law of Attraction


About your Trainer

Bobby Mahan
"Creating Real Estate Champions"

• 32 Years Selling Residential Real Estate
• Consistently in the top 5% of Realtors Nationwide
Cape Coral Association of Realtors Board of Directors
• Mortgage Broker since 1989
• Owner/Broker of Selling Paradise Realty Inc.
• 2 Years Ethics Committee Cape Coral Association of Realtors
• Successfully sold Real Estate - 3 up and 3 down markets
• Real Estate Investor


Business Philosophies/Practices
“The Use of Knowledge is Power”
As Broker/Owner/Trainer of Selling Paradise Realty Inc., Bobby insists all agents must go through his rigorous training. Because of his training, mentoring, and coaching, his small company has achieved amazing results.
• SPRI agents close 9 times more transactions than the County average
• SPRI agents have the highest per agent production of any company in Lee County
• SPRI is in the top 10 of companies in the Cape Coral Association of Realtors.
• SPRI is in the top 20 among the hundreds of companies in Lee County

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